How annoying is it to put your phone on charge only to discover that the battery has not been charged at all! This means you have an unstable charging port or battery issue.

At SidekickMobile, fast and skilled phone charging repairs are available for all iPhone models. A clean charging port is also the key solution.
We can assist you in getting your phone back to 100% functionality. The charge port, headphone jack, and microphone are integrated together and therefore have to be replaced together. Nevertheless, this is a common practice and can be resolved within 30 minutes. We can supply and install the charging port assembly, and everything is covered by a six-month warranty.


What is a charging port and why do I need it replaced?

The charging port is the part of your phone where you plug in your charger. It is responsible for transferring power from the charger to your phone’s battery. If your charging port is damaged or not functioning properly, your phone may not charge properly or at all. Replacing the charging port can fix these issues and restore your phone’s charging capabilities.

The time it takes to replace a charging port can vary depending on the make and model of your phone, as well as the technician’s experience and availability. On average, charging port replacements can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to complete.

Replacing a charging port can be a delicate process, as it involves opening up your phone and working with its internal components. It is recommended that you get the replacement done by a trained and experienced technician to ensure that it is done correctly without damaging your phone further.

The cost of a charging port replacement can vary depending on the make and model of your phone, as well as the technician and location. On average, charging port replacements can cost anywhere between $50 to $100 or more.

If the charging port replacement does not fix your phone’s charging issues, it is possible that the problem is not with the charging port itself. In this case, it may be necessary to diagnose and troubleshoot other potential issues with your phone. A trained technician will be able to help you identify and address any other potential problems with your phone’s charging system.

During our repair, no data will be lost, however, please kindly back up your data if it’s possible.

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