Has your iPhone's camera stopped functioning? Is it showing blurry images or having focussing problems? Don't worry! Our professionals at SidekickMobile can quickly fix it.

  • If you have accidently dropped your phone and the rear camera lens on the phone has broken, we can replace that too.
  • You will need a new camera replacement if either your front camera or rearcamera is broken or not functioning properly, or if there is a problem in capturing pictures on your phone.
  • Usually, only the lens needs to be replaced when a camera is damaged. The actual camera doesn’t need to be taken out.


How much do your camera repair services cost?

The cost of a camera repair will vary depending on the specific type of repair needed and the brand and model of the camera. We offer competitive prices and can provide a detailed estimate before starting any work. Both replacement parts and labor cost are included in your estimated repair cost.

The time it takes to repair a camera will vary depending on the specific type of repair needed. In most cases, we can complete simple repairs within 30 minutes. More complex repairs may take longer.

Yes, we offer a 6 month warranty on all of our camera repair services to give you peace of mind. Our warranty covers any defects in the parts used or workmanship for a specified period of time.

Yes, we can repair cameras from all major brands and models. Our team of certified technicians has the skills and experience to handle a wide range of repair needs.

For the normal working condition of your smartphone, if there are any secondary problems or repair required, we will definitely contact and ask for your permission and approval before getting into the repair.

During our repair, no data will be lost, however, please kindly back up your data if it’s possible.

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