Did your phone's screen get cracked, go dead, shatter, or become unresponsive? We understand how impossible it is to use your phone without a functional screen

  • Get your broken screen fixed in 30 minutes!
    We have skilled and knowledgeable technicians with comprehensive expertise who can repair or replace your screen in no time.
    Get a 6-month warranty
  • We use cutting-edge equipment with a six-month warranty on all iPhone and iPad screen repairs. If you are not satisfied, we even provide a money back guarantee. We also provide screen replacements for Tablets and Samsung Galaxy.


How long does it take to replace a phone screen?

The time it takes to replace a phone screen can also vary depending on the make and model of the phone. In most cases, a screen replacement can be completed within an hour.

Most mobile phone repair shops can replace the screen on a wide range of phones, including iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Huewei and most other Android devices. It’s always best to check with the repair shop to see if they can handle your specific phone model.

If your phone has other damage in addition to a cracked screen, it may still be possible to replace the screen. However, additional repairs may be necessary, and the cost of the repair will likely be higher. It’s best to bring your phone to a repair shop for a thorough diagnosis and estimate.

In most cases, replacing the screen will only fix issues related to the display, such as cracks or discoloration. If you are experiencing other issues with your phone, such as problems with the battery or camera, these will need to be addressed separately.

During our repair, no data will be lost, however, please kindly back up your data if it’s possible.

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