Returns Policy

Passcode / Dead Phone: If we are unable to get into the device and do a general diagnostic, we are NOT responsible if any functions are not working after the repair. We will ONLY repair what the customers deems wrong with it.

Data Loss: Sidekickmobile is not responsible for any data loss which may occur as a result of work done on the device. It is the customers’ responsibility to back up data on the device PRIOR to repair.

Special Orders: We require you pre-pay for any special-order parts/items that we do not keep in stock. There will be NO refunds on any special order.

Abandoned Devices: Devices not picked up or paid for in 7 days from repair completion will incur a $5 PER DAY storage fee (unless prior arrangements have been made). Devices left over 30 days (after repair) will be considered abandoned and will be recycled.

Liquid Damage: Any repair done to a liquid damaged device may be a temporary fix due to the problems that may arise in the future from the initial contact with liquid. I understand that if my device incurs any physical or liquid damage before or after being service by Sidekickmobile, it will void any warranty with Sidekickmobile. Repairing a liquid damaged device can cause the device to not power on under certain circumstances after a repair or attempted repair. Sidekickmobile will not be held responsible for such devices. There is NO WARRANTY on these repairs. Any repair done to a liquid damaged phone is considered successful IF data is able to be extracted from the device. There is no guarantee that the device will operate properly or reliably. The customer understands this stipulation and agrees to it.

Repair Warranty: Our repairs included a 6-month warranty on all devices. The limited warranty covers defect part(s). If there’s an issue with the parts, the customer may bring in the device for our technicians to check. If confirmed, we will repair the original part at no cost. Warranty is void if the device is exposed to ANY additional physical damage, water damage or shows of being repaired by others after the date of repair. Labour is not refundable under any circumstance. All warranty dates from the initial repair date ONLY, not from a warranty replacement date. For ALL warranties, customers must show their copy of there receipt.

Unintentional Damage: Sidekickmobile is not responsible for any functions that are not able to be tested prior to repair and will not be held liable for any unintentional damage to the device while in our care. This includes scratches, delamination, paint peeling, screen breakage, glass breakage, no power, etc. Although we are extremely careful most phones are glued together and require heating and separation of the glue to disassemble. There is an inherit risk some plastic or glass might break during separation; the customer assumes all risk of breakage. Any repairs done may void original warranties, especially in the case of iOS devices. Sidekickmobile does not assume liability in the event that the manufacturer warranty is voided.