Well, technical errors can occur at any time, and if you don’t retain a backup, you risk losing your valuable photos, video, contacts, call history, notes etc. Data can also be lost in water-damaged phones and broken motherboards.

But don’t worry! SidekickMobile performs thorough recovery of your lost data with the help of our phone data backup and restore in Sunshine Coast. We can restore data from your
phone at the most affordable prices.

iPhone data recovery is a simple process:

  • For software damage, we perform a thorough inspection of your device and calculate whether the extent of the damage can be repaired by software techniques.
  • For physical damage, if a chip extraction is required, we provide an estimate to make your device functional, then we recommend the full-recovery process.

What does our phone data backup and restore service in Sunshine Coast involve?

We have at our disposal, a team of highly qualified and immensely experienced technicians having access to the latest tools, techniques and technology. This has always helped them to come up with prompt, perfect and the best phone data back up and restore service in Sunshine Coast to meet your need of the hour. While transferring the data and photos from one phone to another, our experts take optimal precautions. This ensures that the data remains classified and safe. This has been the extent of professionalism since the very start of our endeavour. It is this approach, which has made us the most trustworthy name in
the industry.

Over the years, our technicians have specialised in conducting recovery & transfer of data from severely damaged as well as faulty Android devices and Apple iPhones & iPads. They have the experience and specialisation in recovering lost data from Samsung Galaxy Phones and other Android Smartphones. Thus, in case your mobile has stopped functioning, or have suffered severe water or other liquid damage beyond repairs, we can still recover the precious data, unharmed.

  • Recovery of Data from Functional Mobile Phones: When it comes to recovering & transferring data, we would use appropriate software tools for accessing the operating system of the affected device. This helps us to conduct safe, secured and swift phone data backup and restoration in Sunshine Coast of mobile phones or iPhones that are still functional.
  • Recovery of Data from Dead or Broken Mobile Phones: Has your phone suffered major damage and become dysfunctional or is dead due to any irreparable glitch? Fret not! Our phone data backup and restoration service near Sunshine Coast will help you recover all the files, photos, contacts and videos and transfer them to another device. We would use
    the latest hardware techniques like chip extraction method to recover the data.
  • We evaluate all mobile phones / iPhone before Data Recovery: In case any spare part is broken or is damaged beyond repair, and there is a need of getting a new one, then a charge will be applicable for commencement of data restoration mechanism. We analyse the chances of data restoration only when the memory chips are accessible.

With damage to iPhones and android smartphones ranging from water or other liquid
damage to physical damage, Sunshine Coast phone data backup and restore procedure is
pretty complex. The complex size of the devices has added to the complexity of the
procedure. However, thanks to our expertise and experience, there are higher probabilities
of recovering & transferring the information and data stored in your device when you get it
to us.


Can you transfer my photos and data from one phone to another at the mobile shop?

Yes, many mobile phone repair shops offer a transfer service that can help you move your photos and data from one phone to another. This service typically involves connecting your old and new phones to a computer and using specialized software to transfer the files.

In most cases, transferring your photos and data from one phone to another will not erase them from your old phone. However, it’s always a good idea to backup your important files before transferring them, just in case something goes wrong.

Most commonly, people use this service to transfer or backup photos, videos, contacts, and other personal data. However, the specific types of data that can be transferred or backed up will depend on the capabilities of the source and destination devices.

In most cases, yes. This phone data backup and restoration service typically involves using specialised software or cables to connect the source and destination devices, and transfer the data. As long as the source and destination devices can be physically connected and recognized by the software, it should be possible to transfer data between them, regardless of the brand.

Our phone data backup,restoration and transfer service is available on every phone or tablets in the market such as: Iphone, Samsung, Oppo, Ipad, and many others.

The time it takes to transfer or backup data will depend on the amount of data being transferred, the speed of the connection between the devices, and other factors. In general, transferring or backing up a large amount of data can take several minutes to several hours.

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