How frequently do you take your iPhone backups? Not often?

Well, technical errors can occur at any time, and if you don’t retain a backup, you risk losing your valuable photos, video, contacts, call history, notes etc. Data can also be lost in water-damaged phones and broken motherboards.
But don’t worry! SidekickMobile performs thorough recovery of your lost data. We can restore data from your phone at the most affordable prices.

iPhone data recovery is a simple process:

  • For software damage, we perform a thorough inspection of your device and calculate whether the extent of the damage can be repaired by software techniques.
  • For physical damage, if a chip extraction is required, we provide an estimate to make your device functional, then we recommend the full-recovery process.


Can you transfer my photos and data from one phone to another at the mobile shop?

Yes, many mobile phone repair shops offer a transfer service that can help you move your photos and data from one phone to another. This service typically involves connecting your old and new phones to a computer and using specialized software to transfer the files.

In most cases, transferring your photos and data from one phone to another will not erase them from your old phone. However, it’s always a good idea to backup your important files before transferring them, just in case something goes wrong.

Most commonly, people use this service to transfer or backup photos, videos, contacts, and other personal data. However, the specific types of data that can be transferred or backed up will depend on the capabilities of the source and destination devices.

In most cases, yes. This service typically involves using specialized software or cables to connect the source and destination devices, and transfer the data. As long as the source and destination devices can be physically connected and recognized by the software, it should be possible to transfer data between them, regardless of the brand.

Yes, this service is designed to be secure. The data transfer process typically involves using specialized software or cables to connect the devices, and transferring the data over a secure connection. Additionally, the data itself is typically encrypted during transfer to prevent unauthorized access.

The time it takes to transfer or backup data will depend on the amount of data being transferred, the speed of the connection between the devices, and other factors. In general, transferring or backing up a large amount of data can take several minutes to several hours.

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