Apple may launch a MacBook with a touch screen

Apple seems to be working on a new touch screen technology for the Mac. This seems normal for many other companies, but it is not for Apple, because this direction may contradict Apple’s development direction. So will the touch screen on Apple’s MacBook be different or what?




Apple is working with touch screen

Apple engineers are actively involved in the project, showing that the company is seriously considering producing a touchscreen Mac for the first time. However, the release date, the changes, etc. are all still just a question mark.

For more than a decade, the company has argued that touchscreens don’t work well on laptops, and that the iPad is a better choice if you want a touch interface. Apple is also worried that touchscreen Macs could affect iPad sales. So if Apple is really working with the touch screen on the MacBook, it could still be just an experiment.
It can be said that Apple really doesn’t like making a MacBook with a touch screen. However, competitors are increasingly adding touch screens to computers, putting pressure on Apple to do the same. The resurgence of the Mac in recent years has also made the MacBook a bigger moneymaker than the iPad, and of course Apple wants to keep its line of computers as appealing as possible.
According to many rumors, it is possible that a MacBook with a touch screen will appear in 2025 when it just fits in time with a major update to the MacBook Pro. Apple, of course, still declined to comment and did not provide any information.
And Apple’s laptop competitors, including Dell Technologies Inc. , HP Inc. , Microsoft, Lenovo Group Ltd. , Samsung Electronics Co. and Acer Inc., went ahead with touchscreens. Apple is currently the only company among major computer manufacturers that does not offer such a product.

A traditional MacBook combined with a touch screen


Apple’s first touchscreen MacBook Pro will likely retain the traditional design, including a standard touchpad and keyboard. But the display will support touch and gesture input — just like an iPhone or iPad. Over time, Apple may expand touch support to more Mac models.
As part of the MacBook Pro revamp, Apple is also planning to switch its displays to organic light-emitting diodes or OLED technology. The company currently uses LCD screens — liquid crystal displays — on its Macs, but iPhones and Apple Watches are already OLED displays. These displays offer improved brightness and color and will also appear on the iPad Pro in the first half of 2024. So it wouldn’t be strange if it appeared on a touchscreen MacBook Pro.
If the touch-screen Mac is really born, it will be a significant turning point. Jobs said the idea of ​​having computer users reach for a vertical screen “didn’t work.” He said in 2010: “Touch surfaces don’t want to be vertical. After a long time, your arm will want to fall off.”

Signs that Apple is considering a change of direction

In 2018, the company began to bundle its apps, bringing iPad apps to the Mac. The following year, do the same with apps from outside developers. In 2020, the company started allowing iPhone apps to run on its computers. But that transition highlighted the Mac’s lack of touch support. Using an app designed for iPhone on a Mac can be a frustrating experience.
Over the years, a number of Apple customers have requested touch-sensitive Macs, and the company seems to have worked hard to accommodate those users. In 2016, Apple launched the Touch Bar, a virtual strip on the keyboard that controls functions. This feature can really be seen as a silly thing, confusing users and also not attracting enough interest of application developers. Apple discontinued this feature in 2021 on the high-end MacBook Pro.
Finally, over the past few months Apple has begun to be less hostile to the idea of ​​a touchscreen Mac. What do you think about a MacBook with a touch screen, of course if Apple does it well enough, it will be delicious. If economy is not an issue, then a MacBook Pro with just the way it is with a touch screen can do a lot more, let alone in 2 3 years?
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