What is ChatGPT that makes the whole world “terrify”, including Google?

1. ChatGPT surpassed the giant Instagram, attracting more than 10 million users in just 40 days of launch


Specifically, according to the statistics given by Mr. Bret Winton of ARK Venture Investment, ChatGPT has surpassed 10 million daily users with only 40 days of launch. While Instagram took almost a year to reach this record number. Google Trend’s statistics also show that in the past three days, the virality of ChatGPT or OpneAI is also very large.
When logging in to ChatGPT’s official website located at: https://chat.openai.com/, this website always displays the status line “currently operating at full capacity”. This AI chatbot is also currently a popular topic of discussion on social networks, even large brands and companies are constantly catching the trend of screenshots chatting with ChatGPT..

2. So what exactly is ChatGPT?


ChatGPT or with its full name is Chat Generative Pre-training Transformer – is an automatic chatbot integrating Artificial Intelligence AI developed by a Startup company called OpenAI in the United States. Currently this tool is in the beta release phase but has received a lot of attention and positive reviews from users.
This super AI uses a proprietary language technology created by OpenAI called GPT-3.5, which is also a very large artificial intelligence model trained by an extremely large amount of text data from many other sources. together.
ChatGPT is currently released for free in some markets, it works on AI Artificial Intelligence, continuously learning and growing, understanding and responding to humans in natural language, just like you are. Talk to a real person.

3. Outstanding features of ChatGPT

The main advantage of ChatGPT is that it can reply to users in natural language just like real people. Besides, users can also train and train ChatGPT’s AI with many different data sources, thereby creating the desired text.
Some outstanding features of ChatGPT make users excited such as:

3.1 Create useful content

ChatGPT’s creativity is amazing, it can understand many human languages ​​and generate text based on the context of the question. Although not officially supported in the Vietnamese market, many Vietnamese users can still communicate with this super AI in Vietnamese, which has made many users feel excited.
Besides being used to find useful content and create text, ChatGPT is also used a lot to summarize the content of the text, translate many different languages ​​according to the context, answer the questions of the child. like a true assistant.
With creative fields that require emotions, ChatGPT also impresses many users when it can compose poetry, make music, write stories, etc. Obviously, this is a very useful tool and can be a good support for people. us in many cases.

3.2 Programming and fixing errors in programming

ChatGPT will be a big threat to future programmers because this super AI can now program in many popular programming languages ​​today. Even in many tests, ChatGPT can solve difficult programming projects equivalent to the University level.
OpenAI’s ChatGPT is predicted to replace many programmers in the future as this super tool is even being used to translate and convert many programming programs into many different programming languages. In addition, it can also help programmers find and fix programming errors on programs and software.
ChatGPT is currently programming ready with many programming languages ​​such as Python, JavaScript, or SQL editor or even writing Excel functions super fast..

4. Great, but also limited

Like any previous Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT also has a lot of limitations such as the data source updated from 2021 or earlier that makes ChatGPT unable to respond to new content from 2022 to the present. . In addition, because it is still in the experimental phase, ChatGPT’s emotional and human reasoning is still a major limitation.

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