Interesting technology news last week

So another week has passed and this weekend is a bit special as football lovers will enjoy a promising final. So maybe you are too obsessed with the matches that you need to miss some interesting information, let’s take a look to see if there is anything remarkable about the past week. Here’s some news:

1. Apple Music Sing allows users to sing karaoke on Apple Music itself

Brothers who love to sing will soon be able to sing karaoke on their devices with the apple logo after the iOS 16.2 update. Apple Music Sing is an interesting feature that will be brought by Apple in this update, supporting users to sing karaoke on available devices, it will be fun and become an interesting utility.

Devices that will receive the Apple Music Sing feature update:

iPhone: From iPhone 11 and up
iPad Pro 12.9 inch: From 5th generation and up
11-inch iPad Pro: From 3rd generation and up
iPad Air: From 4th generation and up
iPad Gen (standard version): 9th generation or later
iPad Mini 6″
Apple TV 4K 2022
iOS 16.2 has been released and if you meet all of the above conditions and your device is on that list, try Apple Music Sing. If possible, try it on the Apple TV 4K 2022 to see if two new and fun Apple things work together.

2. Google Chrome adds Passkeys to allow passwordless login

At this point, users of Google Chrome will no longer have to record the different passwords of the login things that need a password, but instead are Passkeys. Efforts to reduce the number of times you have to enter your password are being tried by many technology giants and this time we will come to Google Chrome.

You can use Passkeys to sign in to websites and apps that support them. Signing in with Passkeys will ask you to authenticate yourself the same way you unlock your device.
With the latest version of Chrome, Google will enable validation codes on Windows 11, macOS, and Android. On Android, your Passkeys will be securely synced through Google’s Password Manager, or in later Android versions, any other password manager that supports Passkeys.

Sony is making the multiplayer Horizon game


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