iOS 16.2: expected to be released in December with 5 new features

After the iOS 16.1 updates come out, the upcoming Apple’s iOS 16.2 version is expected to officially launch in December with 8 noticeable features. Many Apple’s fans are waiting for these new features. Any feature is fine, as long as it brings advantages for users and they like it, stay tuned for new updates.


1. Freeform App will be available on iPhone from iOS 16.2 update

It includes Apple’s new digital whiteboard app Freeform on iPhone. The app provides an infinite canvas for you to draw and insert notes, text, photos, videos, links, PDF files, etc. The app is also available on iPad and Mac and you can collaborate with people. other in real time via FaceTime and iMessage.


Freeform App

Freeform is more useful on iPad because it supports Apple Pencil, but you can still use a capacitive stylus on iPhone.

2. Two new lock screen widgets 

There are two new Lock Screen widgets for Sleep and Medicine . With the Sleep widget, you can view your sleep session and most recent sleep stages, while the Medicines widget can give you quick access to your medication schedule.
User sleep data is pulled from data stored in the Health app and collected by Apple Watch or other sleep tracking devices. It provides information such as time in bed and sleep quality, with three variations available.
Two new lock screen widgets

3. Display options with Always-on Display can be more minimalist

As of iOS 16.2, you can hide wallpapers and notifications in always-on mode on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. This results in a Lock Screen with a simple, black interface in always-on mode, similar to Android. Updated options make the AOD interface much simpler for those who want a more minimalistic interface that can also save battery.
The new “Show Wallpaper” and “Show Notifications” toggles are located in the Settings app under Display & Brightness → Always On Display. Turning off wallpaper will clear your wallpaper when you always have the screen on, and turning off notifications will prevent notifications from showing, leaving only time and widget if you have the widget installed on your Lock screen.
Always-on Display can be more minimalist

4. Live action: Sports scores via Apple TV app

iOS 16.2 adds Live Activity support for sports scores through the Apple TV app. This feature allows iPhone users to quickly view live scores of MLB, NBA and Premier League games on the Lock Screen and in Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro models.

Apple TV app


During a Premier League match, for example, Dynamic Island displays a live up-to-date scoreboard with the number of goals scored by each club. When held down, Dynamic Island will expand to show elapsed time and time to score. When iPhone 14 Pro is locked and on all other iPhone models, the score will show up in the Lock Screen banner.
To test this feature with an iPhone on iOS 16.2 beta, open the TV app and tap the “Follow” button for a supported game. Apple says the feature is available for NBA and Premier League games for users in the US and Canada, as well as MLB games for users in the US, Canada, Australia, UK, Brazil, Mexico, and Japan. Japanese and Korean.

5. Report an unexpected emergency SOS call

If you accidentally trigger an emergency SOS phone call, iOS 16.2 allows you to report problems to Apple and share iPhone diagnostics. The emergency call feature has always been of great interest to many people, especially in the US, but in the process of using “not really urgent” cases due to confusion or other reasons still occur. So Apple wants to collect this data and looks like it will upgrade them in the future.

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