Regardless of desktop, laptop or tablet, what users are always worried about is when the hard drive has a problem because now we will not be able to continue working and all data is at risk of being lost. For Ipad users, how to handle when the iPad has a hard drive failure is a matter of great concern.

Signs of Ipad damaged hard drive

  • iPad suddenly power off and restart
  • The charger does not come in and the product is not recognized
  • The iPad in use suddenly hangs and does not work
  • Restore can lead to Ipad error
Fix iPad damaged hard drive with Sidekick Mobile.
iPad has a hard drive failure, take it to a reputable repair center to replace the hard drive for the iPad.


Some causes of iPad hard drive failure

  • Your iPad is bumped, crushed, broken. These effects affect quite a lot on the hard drive, if repeated many times will lead to Ipad damaged hard drive.
  • The machine has to work too much, running many applications at the same time.
  • Using the device while charging is also a harmful habit for the Ipad hard drive.

In addition, the improper charging of the device is also the cause of the iPad’s hard drive failure. You should completely avoid charging the device overnight, charging it with an unstable power source, a flickering power outlet, or a power outage while charging but do not unplug the charger and continue to leave it on until there is power. Doing this not only causes the hard drive to fail, but also affects the Main, the power IC, etc., which is very bad for your Ipad.

Fix iPad damaged hard drive with Sidekick Mobile.

Because this is a hardware-related error, similar to when the ipad has a sim jam or the iPad main is damaged, it is difficult for users to fix it themselves. In case the iPad has a hard drive failure, take it to a reputable repair center to replace the hard drive for the iPad. You should note that you should not disassemble the device to check it yourself because unprofessional manipulations may cause your iPad to be damaged more severely.

Coming to Sidekick Mobile, your Ipad will be checked and repaired by experienced, skilled and extremely dedicated technicians. Besides, we also guarantees you the following factors:

  • A team of young, enthusiastic and professional consultants.
  • Replacement parts are 100% genuine new products, with clear origin.
  • Modern machinery and technology effectively support the repair process.
  • Reasonable repair cost
  • Detailed warranty policy, reputation.

Simultaneously with the above factors, Viettopcare is also trying constantly to further improve service quality to give customers the most satisfied results. Always putting prestige on top, we believe that Viettopcare deserves to become a reliable address for repairing ipads and touch devices of all customers.


Sidekickmobile Repairs give your phone a second chance. 

  • Replace damaged battery
  • Replace mic, audio
  • Repair camera 
  • Hardware check and reset

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