Fix your iPad charger not plugged into the battery or flickering

The error iPad does not charge to the battery is probably one of the most annoying errors for users when using this tablet line. Let’s find out the cause and how to fix the iPad plugged in to charge or not on battery or flickering with SIDEKICK MOBILE REPAIR!

Signs that iPad is not charging

After a period of time when plugged in, you notice that your iPad does not charge or when you look at the battery area, you will see the words “Not charging”. That means your tablet is experiencing no battery or flickering.

Causes of iPad not charging or flickering

Failure to enter the battery is a common error in electronic devices. There are many causes for this situation on iPad, some typical errors such as:

– The charging cord and charger have been used for a long time and show signs of damage.

– The power socket is flickering, causing the power to circulate unstable.

– The USB port pins, the charging pins are oxidized or dirty, making the current unable to flow.

– Buy non-genuine, poor quality charging accessories.

– Software error due to not updating.

– Improper charging habits cause iPad battery failure.

– Deformed charging head due to impact during use


How to fix iPad charger not plugged in or flickering error

Hardware Restart

One of the basic ways to improve the situation of not charging on iPad is to hard restart the device. To Reset iOS devices, you need to do the following:

Step 1: Hold down the On/Off button (power button) on the top of the device.

Step 2: Continuing to hold the On/Off button, press and hold the Home button on the front of the iPad.

Step 3: Hold both of these buttons until the screen turns off, keep holding until the screen restarts and shows the Apple logo.​

Check the charger, charging cable

To check if the error is caused by the charger, the charging cable, use another iPad to charge it.

If the device does not enter the battery, you should replace the charger, the new charging cable. If the battery is in, check your iPad again.

Check the power supply

– You are plugging in the charger and receive an error message that the iPad is not charging, and there is an abnormal heat in the device or the charger, the cause may be from an unstable power source.

– At this point you should find another more stable power source or try using other devices connected to it to see if the cause is from the electrical outlet. Because using an unsafe power source can cause the charger and the iPad’s microchips to short.

-If you have a habit of using a power bank or laptop’s USB port to charge, you should immediately switch to a more stable power source because the iPad needs a fairly large power source to charge.

Check the power used to charge the iPad

Check iPad pins and ports

In case your power supply is still stable, and the charger and charging cable can connect to another iPad, the problem may come from your iPad. Sometimes when using the charger, you shake it back and forth to make the charging port loose, now you should try to plug it back gently, if not, you should bring it in for warranty.

Clean the connection port

During the use of iPad, it is possible for dirt or lint to be attached and sometimes oxidized to the connection port, preventing power supply. At this point, you can use a small object such as a cotton swab or sim card to clean the charging port to help the current flow better.

Restore in iTunes

When you have tried other methods and it doesn’t work, restoring in iTunes is also a way to fix the problem of the device not charging to the battery. This method is faster and safer than doing it via iCloud.

Step 1: Connect the iPad to the computer via the Lightning port or the 30-pin Dock port.

Step 2: Select the Device tab and then go to the Sumary section.

summary on itune

Step 3: Select Backup.

Step 4: Wait for the Backup process to complete.

back up on itune

Step 5: Select Restore.

restore iPad

Step 6: Wait for the Restore process to complete.

New battery replacement for iPad

-In case the device still says charging but the battery does not come on, even if you plug in the charger for hours, other methods cannot improve. At this point you should think about replacing the battery for your tablet, because it may have been bottle or degraded.

Take it to repair and warranty at a reputable facility

You have tried all the ways and still can’t fix it, you should bring your iPad to a reputable service center for advice and repair and warranty.


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