The phone charger is an important and indispensable part when the phone runs out of battery after a long time of use. However, it is inconvenient if the charging pin is loose, so charging the phone’s PIN does not enter or the PIN is slow. Don’t worry, refer to the article below to know how to fix the loose charging pin error simply but effectively.

1.Causes of loose phone charging pins

– Affected by dirt

After a period of use, due to not cleaning regularly, dust and dirt accumulate inside the charging port. This causes the connection between the charging pin and the PIN to be reduced.

– The charging pin got wet

Sometimes, the phone gets wet due to rain, water falls into the charging port or the phone is dropped into water, causing the phone components to be impacted resulting in damage to the power button. This causes the charging pin to come into direct contact with water, causing rust.

– Poor quality charging pins

The loose phone charging pin error can also be caused by the fact that you have replaced the charging pin with a new one but hit a fake, fake, poor quality product. This is also the cause of the loose charging pin.

– Charging pins are shortened

The charging pin after a long time of use, especially for users who have a habit of charging continuously or using it while charging, will cause the life of the charging pin to be reduced and damaged. This is a very bad habit but very common.

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– Due to carelessly plugging the charging cord into the charging port

The most common reason why the charging pin is loose is because users have a habit of firmly plugging the charging cord into the port or pulling the charger out strongly when charging is complete. This in the long run can cause the charging pin to be loose or broken because the charging pin is just a small electronic component with poor bearing capacity.

– Due to the unstable power supply, the loose phone charging pin error is caused by the power being transmitted to the phone is unstable, flickering, sometimes strong or weak, or the power supplied is not enough.

How to fix the loose phone charging pin errors.

2.How to fix the loose phone charging pin error

– Regularly clean the charging port

If you are experiencing this situation, you can clean the charging port yourself by using a cotton swab, a small toothpick or you can also use a damp paper to clean.

One possible reason However, do not let the towel get too wet to avoid affecting the charging port.

– Use a charging cable with an appropriate capacity

If the capacity of the charging cable is higher than the tolerance of the charging pin, after a period of use, the charging pin will become hot leading to damage. Therefore, users can use genuine charging cables to avoid buying cheap goods that are widely sold in the market.

– Check the power supply

Power supply is one of the factors that directly affect the battery charging process of the phone. So, when charging the battery at home, check and make sure the power is stable. In particular, you can use a suitable power bank to replace it.

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– Avoid letting water get into the phone

In addition, you should be careful during use, do not let water fall on the phone or do not charge in extremely hot or humid conditions. If you are going to rain, you should use a waterproof bag to protect your phone.


– Replace the new charging pin

If you have tried the above methods but this situation still persists, you should replace the charging pin with a new one so that the use process is not hindered. In addition, the charging pin is a component that is soldered to an auxiliary board and has electrical circuits connected to the main main of the phone. Therefore, if the situation does not improve, you can also replace the auxiliary board.

Because this operation is quite complicated and professional, please bring your phone to a reputable repair center for support. If the phone has a warranty, you can bring it to the manufacturer’s service center.

Or you can go to reputable places for advice.
Call us if your phone has the above signs and needs to be replaced.

3.Change charging habits and use to protect the phone charging pin

You should not wait for the phone to say that the battery is almost empty before charging. Not only that, you should limit the time you plug in the charger and use the phone or the phone is not fully charged with the drawn PIN to avoid the phone charger pin being loose, not entering the power.

Hopefully this information will help you take better care of your phone, and we’ll be there if you need to repair or replace parts in your phone.



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