Microphone not working is one of the common errors in phones. Making calls, recording will be less effective. Even the user on the other end of the line will not be able to hear what you say. Through this article, Sidekick will help you find the most basic causes.


1.Microphone is dirty.

When using the machine for a long time without cleaning. Or you have to work in a dusty environment that will easily affect the microphone and other components. The phone’s mic is faulty, making it difficult to hear and call often.

Microphone is covered by other things

The phone is accidentally covered by a sticker or case that covers the microphone. You should check to see if the microphone of the device is obscured or not. If not, you should contact Sidekick to get it fixed soon.


2.Phones affected by noise:

In this case, the user chooses a quiet place to listen to the phone call or can activate the noise cancellation feature. For smartphones using #Android operating system, do the following:

  • Select the Settings section.
  • Scroll down and select Support
  • Find and option to “Mute all sounds” and remove the green tick there

Fix phone mic, for product lines running #IOS operating system:

  • You access the “Settings” item from the main screen of the device with a cog icon.
  • Select “General” to customize the system settings on the device.
  • Search and click on the “Accessibility” item.
  • In this section, look for the “phone noise cancellation” feature.

After successful activation, you should try again to see if you have fixed the problem of the smartphone with mic error or not.


3.Software error or incompatibility with the phone

One of the common causes of phonemic errors is that you install some software or applications that are not suitable for the operating system version of the device. If you want to fix this situation, you should try to back up all necessary data for the phone and proceed to reset the device.


4.The phone was crashed, dropped in water and the microphone was oxidized.

This is the most common cause of microphone failure from Sidekick’s clients. If you have just dropped or bumped your phone and can’t hear the microphone clearly, contact repair immediately. 

If your phone is dropped in water, causing the microphone to not work, make sure you try to suck the water out with a desiccant bag or rice. Then, take it to Sidekick for a closer inspection, whether water has entered other internal components or not.

At SIDEKICKREPAIR, we give you free advice on phone protection issues. Replace genuine parts, ensure requirements. When choosing our service, you will be committed to ensuring the following

  • Standard components, quality guaranteed 100%
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  • Deliver the repaired on time

Hopefully the information in the article can help users understand the cause of the phone’s mic error. Along with that is an effective remedy in each case.Or you can easily contact with us: 

Contact us: 0490 187 440

Address: 10/354 Mons Rd, Forest Glen QLD 4556


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