3 ways to download Instagram Reels to your phone

3 ways to download Instagram Reels to your phone
Reels Instagram is storming the social network for beauty. Therefore, how to download Reels Instagram to iPhone has also become a trick that many Apple fans are interested in.
Instagram is now not only famous for Stories, but also makes many people fall in love with the Reels feature – Extremely divine footage. Compared to short videos on TikTok or Reels on Facebook’s brother platform, Reels Insta is still highly appreciated by social network followers both in terms of image and content.
Because of that, when surfing Reels on Instagram, many apples have the need to save their favorite Movies. At this point, how to download Reels on Instagram to iPhone below will be useful to you.
Reels Instagram
If you want to download Footage of your own Instagram account, things will be much simpler. Because Insta has built-in this feature for you.
Conversely, if you want to download someone else’s Reels to your computer, you’ll have to resort to slightly more complicated tricks.

1. How to download your own Reels to iPhone

Want to reload the Reels you posted on Instagram about your mobile phone? If so, you just need to do a few simple steps below:
✤ Go to your personal page on Instagram => Reels tab => select Reels you want to download.
✤ Click on the 3-dot icon => Save to Camera Roll. That’s it, this movie is already on the iPhone’s photo library.
How to download instagram reels to your iphone

2. Downloading Reels of Others to iPhone

Use Screen Recording

This is a somewhat cumbersome manual operation, but is still applied by many Apple fans. You just:
✤ Open the Reels you want to download to your phone.
✤ Drag the screen down to open the Control Center on iPhone. Here, click on the Screen Recording icon (if you don’t see it, go to Settings => Control Center to let this feature go to Control Center).
✤ Thus, this screen recording video is also the Movie you want to download. You can use a few more video editing apps to trim the excess if you want.
How to download instagram reels to your iphone

Using 3rd apps or websites

Obviously, the above iPhone screen recording method is not an optimal solution for you to download Instagram Footage to your device. Therefore, if you want to make things easier and complete, you should seek the help of 3rd party applications.
✤ Go to the Appstore, find the app with the keyword “Instagram Download” and then download a suitable app.
✤ Go to Reels you want to download => 3 dots icon => Copy link. Then, go to the downloaded application above, paste this link in the toolbar and then press the Download button to finish.
✤ In case you don’t want to download the app to your iPhone, you can go to the browser on your device and then visit websites that support downloading videos from Instagram, such as Saveinsta. Then, you also copy the link of the Reels you want to download into the toolbar and click Download as above.
  • You can download Instagram Reels from your own account by tapping the reel’s three-dot menu and choosing the save option. 
  • There’s no feature built into Instagram to save other users’ reels, but there are a few simple workarounds.
  • You can use the Screen Recorder app in your iPhone or Android to record an Instagram Reel, or use one of several third-party apps to save it. 

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