How to fix your water-damaged phone in 6 steps

If the phone is submerged in water, it can destroy the internal components, causing serious damage. But don’t worry, let’s take a look at Sidekickmobile to see how to save your phone from water damage at home very simply and effectively!


If the phone is submerged in water, it will cause serious consequences such as:
  • The phone is short of power, cannot be opened, the function of the phone is almost not working.
  • The phone has a touch disorder, more seriously, it is completely obscured.
  • The phone speaker does not work stably, shows signs of crackling, is small or does not work.
  • The phone camera is faulty and cannot be used.
  • The phone screen is blurry, patchy or completely black.
  • SIM, Wi-Fi on phone not connecting.

Water damage


Steps to save your phone from water damage

Quickly get your phone out of the water

The first thing you need to do to save your phone is to get it out of the water as quickly as possible.
At the same time, please point the phone connection ports downwards to let the water drain out. Absolutely do not rotate the connection ports in the direction of facing up, this will cause water to flow back into the machine causing a short circuit.

Power off the phone immediately

The best way to fix a water damaged phone is to turn it off, disassemble it as much as possible, and throw it into a bag full of rice for a day or two. You can also use silica gel packets. Try turning the phone back on when it’s completely dry. Also, check if it still has a charge by plugging it in.

Tắt nguồn điện thoại ngay lập tức để tránh làm cho bo mạch bị chạm, đứt mạch điện

Disassemble the phone

Next, proceed to disassemble the phone. With a feature phone, disassemble each part including SIM, memory card, back cover and then remove the battery from the device.
As for smartphones, you can only remove the cover, so you should remove the back cover of the phone so that the water can drain out faster.

Tháo rời điện thoại để nước thoát ra nhanh hơn

Dry the outside of the phone

  • For normal water: Use a soft cloth to dry the surface of the phone, then use a cotton swab to wipe the phone charging port and headset.
  • For liquids other than water (fresh water, salt water,…): You need to quickly wipe the phone with a damp cloth to remove the water clinging to it, limiting the possibility of damaging the phone due to various types of damage. caused by this country. Then, use a dry, soft cloth to wipe the phone again.

Dry the phone inside

  • Put the phone in a bag of rice or a desiccant bag: Rice has a good ability to absorb water, so you put the phone in a bag of rice for 1-2 days to help the phone drain quickly. In addition, you can use a desiccant bag, a desiccant box and put the phone inside for 1-2 days to dry the inside of the device.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner: You should use a specialized vacuum cleaner for phones and computers to absorb water from the phone and help the phone dry faster. However, you should not use ordinary vacuum cleaners, because they have a large capacity and can damage the phone.
  • Place the phone on a soft towel or in a windy place: A simpler way is to place the phone next to a window where the sun and the wind are cool. However, you should not expose your phone to the sun for too long, which may cause the phone to overheat and be damaged more easily.


Đặt điện thoại trong bao gạo từ 1 - 2 ngày để làm khô bên trong điện thoại.

Take it to Sidekickmobile

When the machine is in too heavy water, you should not repair or disassemble it yourself at home. That could make your phone more damaged. Please bring to a reputable center for warranty and safe repair!


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