iPhone gets hot and then turns off? We suggest 4 ways to fix it

iphone gets hot

Why does my iPhone get hot and then turn off suddenly? Read the article Sidekickmobile shared to handle the above situation in “a few notes”. Follow up now!

The machine is abnormally hot, and may even suddenly shut down due to a few reasons:
✤ The phone operates with strong intensity and frequency. Typically, entertainment on the iPhone is constantly with games with high graphics.
✤ Using iPhone in an environment with too high temperature causes the device to overheat and power down abnormally.
✤ Long battery life, bottle battery causes the phone to often experience sudden battery drop for no apparent reason.
✤ The bad habit of using the phone while charging the iPhone is abnormally high, even turning off the power.
✤ The phone accidentally encountered a crash, strong compression causing hardware damage, chip failure in the main, …

Instructions to fix iPhone overheating and then power off suddenly

Get rid of bad habits

Limit the habit of charging and using your phone at the same time. In addition, if you are using a case that is too thick, you should remove the case before proceeding to charge the device.

Using poor-quality charging accessories that are not compatible with smartphones also causes similar problems. So, don’t be cheap, buy and use the phone components floating in the shop!

Check battery status

✤ Step 1: Access the Settings application > Scroll down to find Battery.
✤ Step 2: Click on the item Battery status > Index % in the section Maximum capacity indicates % active battery

Let your iPhone rest

Turning off the device and leaving your iPhone in a cool place is what you should do if you want to prolong the life of your phone.

In addition, you should also limit entertainment with games with too high graphics. This hobby both causes heat, drains the battery and is also dangerous if the temperature is too hot, causing a short or an explosion.

Take it to Sidekickmobile

When you can’t fix it at home, you should not repair or disassemble it yourself at home. That could make your phone more damaged. Please bring to a reputable center for warranty and safe repair!

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