Today’s phone screen is a multi-tasking part of the phone. Apple – iphone  is one of the leading brands with a touch screen.

1.When will you need to replace the iPhone screen

iPhone is a high-end phone line that is loved and used by many people, because of its large screen size and excellent image display quality. However, during use, you accidentally drop or hit hard, this causes the glass, touch or iPhone screen of the device to be damaged and needs to be replaced.

So what are the basic signs that can help you know when it is time to replace the iPhone screen?

  • Cracked and untouchable screen
  • iPhone screen appears spots and stripes
  • The screen display flickers or does not display, The image and color displayed are not clear
  • The iPhone is not broken but the screen does not open, the screen is dark, black or dropped in water.

When you see your iPhone with the above signs, you need to quickly replace the new screen for the device. Do not continue to use it because it may affect the internal components of the device

2.When to replace the iPhone outside glass and replace the new iPhone screen?

There are two types of services that often confuse users when an iPhone is broken. That is to replace the outside iPhone glass and replace the full iPhone screen. To differentiate, SIDEKICK MOBILE REPAIR will give you some information for your reference:

  • Replace outside glass when:

– Outside glass is warped, scratched.

– The outside glass is broken or has many cracks.

-Touch and display functions of the machine still work normally.

-Broken iPhone glass

  • Replace the new touch screen:

You will have to replace the entire screen for your iPhone, if the device has the following signs:

-Touch is disordered, flickering, sometimes it can’t be pressed.

-Unable to touch, touch is paralyzed in some points or the entire screen.

-The screen has stripes, spots, color splashes, black ink, yellow, blue, …

-The screen cannot display but only a black color.


-Some cases of severe touch damage will have to replace the iPhone touch IC

To know more precisely about the error your phone is experiencing, please contact SIDEKICK MOBILE REPAIR immediately for free consultation support.


How many types of iPhone screens are there?

You wonder why with an iPhone that needs to be replaced or laminated with glass, there are so many different prices. So what types of iPhone screens are there?

  • 100% brand screen: is a screen manufactured according to Apple’s quality standards. The iPhone screen has good image quality, bright colors, smooth touch and high durability
  • Screen pressed glass: This is also a genuine product of Apple. They may have been broken or scratched before. However, the units have purchased and replaced the glass.
  • Batch screens: These are screens manufactured in third-party facilities.

In addition, when replacing the screen, the customer will be given an extra tempered protect glass sticker outside 


SIDEKICK MOBLE REPAIR 100% genuine iPhone screen and glass components

  • Customers can directly observe the replacement process
  • A team of technicians with experiences in the profession
  • Modern machinery helps to repair quickly and quickly to replace the screen

Screen replacement

A few tips to make your iPhone screen more durable

 To protect your iPhone from scratches or broken screen, some of the following tips may help you:

  • Avoid letting the screen be impacted by strong force: most cases of iPhone broken screen, paralyzed touch screen, screen appears stripes or dead spots appear untouchable due to users having accidentally impacted by a small force and iPhone touch screen
  • You should stick tempered glass, buy a case or a leather case to protect the device
  • If you buy a used phone, you should pay attention to the dead point on the screen before choosing to buy a machine because this dead point only appears from 1-2 points that the naked eye, if not looking closely, will not be able to detect it. Over time, this dead spot will spread and become a dead patch on your iPhone screen

If during use, your phone encounters any problems, please contact SIDEKICK MOBLE REPAIR  – Repair Specialist for professional and thoughtful support and repair.

Sidekickmobile Repairs give your phone a second chance. 

  • Replace damaged battery
  • Replace mic, audio
  • Repair camera 
  • Hardware check and reset


We take care of all of your phone worries .

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