What is the status of iPhone with battery maintenance error? Is it dangerous !

iPhone with maintenance error is a common phenomenon in old machines or when replacing the new iPhone battery, it still cannot be fixed.

When this is the case, you should not be too worried, in this article SIDEKICK MOBILE  shares the status of the iphone battery for maintenance and what to note when the device encounters this error.

 Battery maintenance error
iPhone with maintenance error is a common phenomenon in old machines or when replacing the new iPhone battery, it still cannot be fixed.

What is the error of iPhone battery maintenance report?

Since the iOS 11.3 update and iPhone 6 generation onwards, users have had the right to master and easily control all battery-related information on the device. And you can check this error in the Battery section in the settings.

The phenomenon of battery maintenance status is caused by your battery being severely damaged or because your battery’s serial number does not match the original battery of the device (eg 2 iPhone 11 devices are genuine batteries exchanged for each other, then at 2 the machine all indicates the battery for maintenance)


Error iPhone iPhone maintenance report is dangerous?

This is a common error in iPhone and is not too serious. But when you encounter this error, you should pay attention to the following issues to ensure the experience on your phone.

Battery Health – Phone maintenance comes with a phenomenon like the iPhone battery saying that the battery is running out quickly or the battery is swollen. In this case, you should quickly replace the battery with a new one.

When you replace the new iPhone battery and it still says maintenance, this is a normal problem because when replacing the new iPhone battery, the serial number does not match the battery of the device, so the maintenance message is sure to happen. In this case, the maintenance battery failure does not affect the machine

How to fix maintenance error when replacing iPhone battery?

Fixing and deleting the maintenance notice on the iPhone battery is very simple. On the old iPhone battery, there is a chip to save the technical serial number to replace the battery, just pass that chip through the new battery to fix it, also known as battery cable service.

But there is a limitation of this serial number transfer is that your new battery will no longer be covered by the company’s 12-month warranty because of technical interference.

Tips: You should replace the original iPhone battery and no cable neck to have the best experience during use and keep the 12 month warranty of the parts manufacturer. You keep the old iPhone battery when you exchange or sell the device so as not to lose value, the next owner can use that battery to fix maintenance errors if they have a need.

How much does an iPhone battery replacement cost?

SIDEKICK MOBLIE  always commits to genuine iPhone battery replacement and has a 12-month warranty and you can choose to fix the error or not fix this error.



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